POPULAR doesn't mean the RIGHT CHOICE

PRETTY doesn't always equal FUNCTIONAL

EFFICIENT doesn't make it the BEST USE

CHEAP and GOOD aren't synonymous terms. 

Our Love Affair With Natural Playing Surfaces

Over the course of ten years, a properly-spec'd natural grass field can actually cost less to operate than its artificial competitors. And the notion that plastic fields are impervious to weather cancellations is a misnomer; lightning halts all sporting events. On days with rainfall alone, we can amaze with our ability to drain water and still play. We do this all while preventing the health risks (i.e. crumb-rubber carcinogens and 150°F surface temperatures) associated with their materials. 

Let us prove to you that we can match synthetic turf's selling points on playability during and after rain events, and outperform it on issues of health/safety and total cost of lifespan ownership.

Help us keep the games we love on the surfaces where they belong.